Zendaya (born Zendaya Coleman; September 1, 1996) is an American actress, singer and dancer. She is best known for her role as the aspiring young dancer Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up!.♥


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Anonymous asked: do you have an oovoo answer asap

no, i don’t

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blerim1 asked: Are you the real Zendaya Coleman yes or no. Please tell me I am your biggest fan every. :):):):)

I’m not zendaya

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queenscara asked: Hey love! So i was just wondering... R u really zendaya?

Hey, no, I’m not.

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xx-swagger-x-deactivated2013102 asked: Are you the real zendaya?? Xxx

No, I’m not.

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Anonymous asked: How long is zendayas hair?

I don’t know.

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